Dangerous liaisons. How as by means of the Internet to make the file on each of us
16 June 2011

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Recent kidnapping of E. Kaspersky’s son has once again reminded: be careful when talking about yourself on the Internet. Criminals have found a guy on information in social network: they know the address of his work and home, where he studies and rests, tentative schedule…

"Due to World Wide Web, it is possible to learn about you everything, since with whom you communicate, and finishing an account number in bank", - Roman Romachev, the president of the business intelligence company, is assured.

Plain to see

A&F: - Roman, where you can gather information on a person?

Roman Romachev – the president and the founder of the group of companies. Reserve officer of FSB. In security and business intelligence sphere he has been occupied for more than 12 years. The author of the articles, software products for business intelligence and business security.

R.R.: - People use different Internet services – sites of government departments, social networks, mass media, and place announcements. For example, on the site of the tax office it is possible to check up transport or property tax debts and so to make sure that a person has a car, an apartment, a summer residence. On announcement sites you may see whether a person sells something – so you know what he owns and his cell number. In social networks you can find information on circle of contacts, work, and family pictures. On job search sites you can find resumes with the information on places of work, study, contacts. It is often that resumes are open, so employers could see them. So you can gather quite an extensive dossier. It is not a secret that court enforcement officers find debtors through social networks.

Everyone may turn to a business intelligence agency. Often request is to find information on a doctor – a client is going to be operated and wants to be sure in his surgeon. We check doctor’s qualification, responses. The same concerns teachers, nannies, tutors. Frequent clients are employers checking potential employees. That is not only firms that are looking for a top manager. Even a cleaning lady may have access to information that is a commercial secret. Many employers want to be sure that a candidate wrote in his resume actual information about his place of study and work; they want to know his circle of contacts. Second category of customers – bank’s security departments and other financial structures. Businessmen are checking on potential partners. Once we had an order from Americans. A rich Russian proposed them some interesting projects. We’ve found out that he served time in jail for fraud and then he changed his last name and have begun a new life.


A&F: - Is it often that deception is revealed?

By the way
- In Singapore there is a site where you can find data about owners of any company.
- In the USA you may find out whether a person was involved in administrative or criminal liability just by using special search system. In the Internet you may see salaries of American state officers.
- More than 50% of British are dreaming of deleting information about themselves form the Net. 35%  confessed that without any thinking of the circumstances, they were placing compromising facts.

R.R.: - About 20% of people who being checked on, try to hide some information. Exaggerate their importance on previous work, or holds back about administrative or criminal liability, bought diplomas are being revealed. There was an interesting case: a major politician asked to find out what his girlfriend represents. With the help of social networks we contacted with her, made a friendship, were chatting about a month and even met. As a result all information on her, including intimate character, became accessible to us, as has been reported to the customer.

An Italian made a check on his Russian fianc?e with our help. It was revealed that she had a fake passport.

A&F: - What kind of information you should never reveal in social networks?

R.R.: - The most important – is our children safety. Be careful with whom they communicate in the Web, whom they add as friends. Give them advice not to register under their real names; it is better to use nicknames. Don’t write your age, place of work, study. The information is often used by pedophiles and other criminals. And for adults it is better to use a nickname, either. Don’t place pictures where everyone can see you apartment, car, children and relatives, - some day it may become a bargaining chip in the wrong hands. If your account is closed, it does not crack the problem. Although it is a crime, but there are people who offer these services.

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