Competitive research

Competitive research is the most widespread research type due to the increasingly fierce market competition. DueMarx’s competitive intelligence methods allow getting as much exclusive information about companies as possible.
Practical use:
  • strengthening your competitive advantages;
  • effective strategy development;
  • avoiding managerial mistakes made by competitors;
  • better cooperation conditions offered to competitors’ partners;
  • identification of new products and timely enhancement of your products’ competitive edge.

You can order research for all market players, as well as for a specific player, or make your research geography-based, ordering a study for a specific city, region, country, etc.

Research cost is subject to individual calculation depending on the number of studied companies or regions.

The most popular research sections:
  • key players and their market shares;
  • identification of a company’s structure and history;
  • a company’s performance, financial indicators and turnovers;
  • identification of clients and suppliers of a competing company;
  • analysis of a company’s strategy and promotion methods;
  • analysis of a company’s market standing;
  • a company’s plans and outlook;
  • SWOT analysis: identification of competitors’ strengths and weaknesses;
  • studying competitors’ price and product offer;
  • studying competitors’ image, brand awareness, and advertising policy;
  • studying competitors’ advertising and marketing activities;
  • collecting leaflets, advertisements, exhibition and trade fair materials issued by a competitor;
  • identification of similar new products with more competitive advantages.

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