About R-Techno

Currently R-Techno is keeping leading position in the field of early warning and security countermeasures for business protection.

Target of the company – to increase our partners competiveness and identification of positive business opportunities.


Private Intelligence

Corporate intelligence
Legal entities and individuals' verification
Media monitoring
Real time news monitoring
Information counteractions
Special operations at information feild
Internet intelligence
Information collection in invisible part of internet
Anti-money laundering
To know your client
Innovation and technological intelligence
Breakthrough technologies monitoring
Information-analytical coverage of election campaigns
Provision of actual information to pre-election process strategy
Knowledge Management
Experience accumulation and application system
Corporative seminars
Advanced Training


Investigation of stealing and frauds
Corporative investigations
Search for real thefts and frauds
Computer IT-forensic
Hackers' attacks counteractions
Counteractions against counterfeit products
Restriction of manufacturing and distribution of counterfeit products

Risk management

Ensuring business continuity
Personnel security and white-collar crimes countermeasures
Know your employee
Risk audit
Facilities security examination
Security technologies development
Asset protection system creation
Information security audit
Computer systems protection level examination
Competitive intelligence service creation
Consulting on Business intelligence system establishment
Automated staff monitoring system
Lie detector of the 21-st century

Intelligence technology

Business intelligence system
Implementation of BI/CI systems
Situation monitoring system
Situation centers establishment
Anti-money laundering system
Integration of AML system
Business security system
IT- solutions for security provision
Risk management system
Solutions for threat detection and prevention

Government services

Countering radicalization and extremism on the internet
Search for propaganda of extremists
Anti-corruption enforcement
Search for affiliations and illegal assets
Online search for criminals and suspects
Tracking persons of interest
Online investigations for different cases
Internet investigations and legalization
Information operations in geopolitics
Formation of the information field in the international arena
Cooperation with law enforcement agencies from different countries of the world
Forging a communication and information access channel
Combating online leaks
Combating online dissemination of mission-critical information
Business and investment risk analysis
Search for strengths and weaknesses of the region

Be watchful and alerted!