About Duemarx

DueMarx is Russia’s first marketing company to blend due diligence and marketing technologies. Economic intelligence technologies have significantly expanded the capabilities and resources of marketing research while improving reliability and relevance of information and delivering out-of-the-box approaches to solving tasks.

DueMarx Ltd. emerged as a standalone business in 2008. Previously, marketing research involved capabilities and competences of R-Techno, a company which has been successfully operating in the market since 2003.

Boasting all modern technologies and resources needed, DueMarx is well-positioned to implement projects of any complexity level. While conducting marketing research, the company places strong value on the quality of information at all stages of its operation.




Routine studies

Express studies
Urgent market reviews, analysis of foreign economic activity and statistical data (based on data from the Russian Federal Service of State Statistics – Rosstat, Eurostat), etc.
Industry and market monitoring, reputation monitoring, monitoring of competition, online promotion, etc.

Search and screening

Reliable supplier search
Using economic intelligence technologies will help select the most compliant and respectable partners

Exclusive research

Individual research
Tailored to meet the client’s criteria. This exclusive product is not subject to disclosure without consent from the client
Competitive research
Competitive intelligence methods are in place to explore as much information about a company as possible
Price research
Highest and lowest price identification, product cost analysis and performance, forecasting changes in pricing environment, etc.
Investment research
Analysis of the market’s investment appeal, economic efficiency, level of political risks, etc.

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