Individual research

Individual research is carried out upon the client’s request. Its tasks, size, timeline, depth and information amount are subject to individual discussion. The client has the right to supervise and adjust the research process. The research data cannot be disclosed without written consent from the client.

Practical use:
  • launch in new markets;
  • new product promotion;
  • identification of promotion channels and methods;
  • sales policy and promotion method development;
  • achievement of the most effective product sales for the highest price possible.
You can order research for a specified industry, as well as a specific product, region, market segment, etc.

Research cost is subject to individual calculation depending on the research size and complexity.

The most popular research sections:
  • market structure;
  • key market indicators;
  • state regulation of the market;
  • market trends and outlook;
  • priority areas in market development;
  • expert estimate of the market balance;
  • competitive analysis (key player profiles, product range, price analysis, competitive advantages, SWOT analysis, etc.);
  • demand (consumption volumes, demand structure, analysis of demand on the Internet);
  • searching for market niches for new products and services in the studied market;
  • identification of market shares for specific products and brands;
  • mass media analysis for a specific market segment;
  • product output analysis;
  • product consumption analysis;
  • inside quote forecasting;
  • comparison of manufacturers’ prices with those of regional traders;
  • forecasting changes in the market’s pricing environment;
  • identification of a pricing policy, discount policy, lending to customers;
  • advertising policy identification, participation in exhibitions;
  • specific features of the social and economic structure of the foreign market;
  • studying exports and imports operations (foreign economic activity);
  • studying demand for the product in external markets;
  • searching and attracting partners to distribute products or services in a new region.

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