Investment research

Investment research is studying the investment appeal of a market or a company. Using the business intelligence technology allows proving that an investment object has assets at its disposal, while identifying the outlook and possible negative aspects of the cooperation.
Practical use:
  • minimization of risks before making financial investment in a company;
  • checking the investment market’s appeal;
  • checking a company’s appeal.

Research cost
is subject to individual calculation depending on the research depth for the investment object.

The most popular research sections:
  • market and company investment appeal evaluation;
  • identification and examination of a company’s assets;
  • evaluation of the investment object’s competitive ability;
  • evolution of key market players;
  • investment offer analysis;
  • evaluation of the market’s investment outlook;
  • evaluation of the investment market’s state influence and regulation;
  • studying legislation that regulates pricing;
  • key problems in implementing investment projects;
  • identification of analogues to the product getting investment;
  • analysis of climatic, political and social influence on the investment market;
  • studies supporting M&A processes (due diligence).

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