Price research

Price research is one of the most popular research types due to widespread price manipulation in the market. Using the business intelligence technology helps identify price inflation situations, market conspiracies, production costs, wholesale prices, and get general data about the market’s pricing policy as a whole.
Practical use:
  • increasing product demand;
  • increasing the number of consumers / customers;
  • increasing profit through delivering the highest product sales;
  • reducing expenses by identifying a supplier with the optimal value for money;
  • identification of unjustified product price inflation.

You can order a price study for products or for companies you choose. The research can focus on a specified type of prices: wholesale, retail, procurement prices, export and import prices.

Research cost is subject to individual calculation depending on the number of studied products, players and regions.
The most popular research sections:
  • identification of price lists and product prices;
  • identification of product procurement conditions existing among companies;
  • identification of the product’s presumable production costs;
  • optimal price identification;
  • product price analysis and trends;
  • price performance;
  • price performance of foreign manufacturers;
  • identification of the highest and lowest prices;
  • forecasting changes in the pricing environment;
  • studying a company’s pricing policy and discount policy, etc.

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