Express studies

An express review involves the tightest deadlines, simplified work schemes, and limited time resources. An express review can include:

1. Market reviews – studying, collecting and analyzing publicly available information (mass media, the Internet, thematic forums, electronic platforms).
  • market performance to date;
  • market news;
  • price review;
  • competition review.
Price: 250 Euro

2. Statistical data review – analyzed information of Rosstat and Eurostat.
  • product output analysis by volume;
  • market structure by product groups;
  • market structure by manufacturers;
  • market structure by geographic location;
  • market performance.
Price: 200 Euro

3. Reviews of foreign economic activity
Primary information on foreign economic activity is raw data on exports and imports. Regularity: one-off basis, monthly, quarterly, annually.
  • by company;
  • by foreign contractor;
  • by product or product group (by Commodity Classifier for Foreign Economic Activities code – TN VED);
  • by brand (trademark).
Price: 100 Euro

Analysis of foreign economic activity – processed data on exports and imports. Regularity: one-off basis, monthly, quarterly, annually.
  • study of the external market and its current environment;
  • imports / exports volume;
  • imports / exports structure;
  • main market players;
  • logistics;
  • supply structure identification;
  • search and selection of contractors to sign an agreement with;
  • analysis of imported product distribution within the country;
  • identification of the main importing / exporting regions for a product;
  • identification of the most heavily imported / exported products;
  • studying the performance of the exports / imports market;
  • studying the demand for a product in external markets.
Price: 200 Euro

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