Market monitoring is tracking media coverage that matches specified subjects: industry-, market-, reputation-, competition- or advertising-related. Sources of information involved: central newspapers and magazines, trade press, regional press, foreign press, press of the CIS nations, online mass media, news agencies, TV, radio, blogs, specialized databases, etc.The total list of mass media, databases, statistical archives, etc. consists of more than 16,000 information sources.

Practical use:
  • demand forecast for a certain period of time;
  • timely identification and elimination of negative coverage;
  • market trend knowledge (improved/declined demand for different product groups);
  • identification of competitors’ strategies and activities and working to preempt them;
  • strategic planning based on market changes.

Monitoring cost
is subject to individual calculation depending on the number of sources involved, monitoring objects, key words, regularity, and reporting form.

The most popular research sections:
  • industry monitoring (monitoring of the industry’s key developments and trends);
  • market monitoring (studying the market performance and trends for various products and services);
  • company reputation study and reputation management, development and analysis of PR campaigns;
  • competition analysis (analysis of competitors’ media coverage, their activities and emotional tone of the coverage);
  • analysis of competitors’ advertising activity;
  • monitoring of product imports and exports.

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