Reliable supplier search

Searching for partners – to source the most reliable and respectable partner, DueMarx uses an archive of business directory. Continuously updated since 1999, the resource consists of proven companies across various types and areas of operations. Alongside the pre-existing set of companies, we can also provide an integrity examination for a company you are interested in.
The integrated potential partner search system offered by DueMarx helps:
  • find reliable business partners;
  • access their decision makers;
  • get contact information.

The cost
is subject to individual calculation depending on the requirements and number of business partners. By cooperating with DueMarx, you are guaranteed to interact with the market’s strongest players.

The Know Your Partner principle is the cornerstone of long-term relationships. DueMarx has developed an informational product to check potential companies.
It involves:
  • ranking that evaluates the expediency of cooperating with a company;
  • check-up of a company’s solvency and financial state;
  • identification of negative information about a company’s founders and managers;
  • possible links to criminal groups, fraud or criminal structures;
  • debts outstanding;
  • involvement in court litigations;
  • cooperation conditions offered to other contractors;
  • a company’s market reputation.

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