Information-analytical coverage of election campaigns

Any successful election campaign is preceded by the serious informational and analytical research, thanks to which one may structure the interests of citizens, understand their mood and trend of actions; perform monitoring, which allows keeping track of the nature and degree of the campaign’s impact on the voters; collect information on the possible competitors and general situation in the country (region). Such a comprehensive approach will allow one to promptly make adjustments to the strategy and tactics of the struggle.

The informational and analytical support of the election campaign includes studying the following information:

  1. Data on the political situation 
  2. Social and economic data
  3. Geographic information·
  4. Social and demographic data
  5. Statistical data
  6. District historical data
  7. Cultural district data
  8. Data from the regional department of internal affairs (on crime in the district territory)
  9. Data on the local power amount (information on capabilities and influence of the first persons of the region)
  10. Comparison of strengths and weaknesses of a candidate and his/her opponent
All the above is a must of the information and analytical support for any election campaign.