Information counteractions

Competition is always associated with the information wars. And it does not really matter what a businessman is focused on – whether it’s forming the clients’ opinions or negative technologies against the competitor. It is essential that he will need quite specific tools and instruments in order to achieve a victory. He will need tools allowing him to get the upper hand fast and most efficiently whenever possible.

One of such quite efficient tools is blogging. Blogging transformed from a fashionable hobby of the select few into mass use by different population strata long ago and for that reason it has become quite a powerful tool to influence mass consciousness. A wise use of blogs allows you to achieve the following:
  • better attitude of consumers towards you, your company and products;
  • information-based stimulation of consumers towards the purchase of your products or services in particular;
  • prompt identification of any attempts to use negative information technologies against you;
  • minimizing losses from an opponent’s informational aggression;
  • forming a negative opinion of the consumers towards the products or services of your competitor;
  • leveling any aggressive informational actions of the competitor.