Innovation and technological intelligence

Innovation intelligence is an integral part of the competitor intelligence, whose subject of research is know-how (patents, technologies, trademarks, formulas, test data of the trial designs, industrial design), as well as people, taking part in know-how development (inventors, testers, investors, experts, consultants, contractors, etc.). The innovation intelligence objective is the search, monitoring, control over new technologies and decisions in order to improve the competitive strength of an enterprise.
Innovation intelligence stages:

  1. Technological foresight (answers the question: where should you go?)
  2. Technological scouting (answers the question: how should you go?)
  3. Scanning – patent monitoring (answers the question: how and where did others go?)
    • Open source intelligence – OSINT.
    • Benchmarking.
    • Intelligence at exhibitions.
    • HUMINT, etc.
Corporate experience
On average, intelligence expenses make up 1.5% of the business volumes of the large groups. Thus, there were 250 employees permanently involved in information activities at NEC in the 1980-s. In Mitsubishi, there are 30 employees in charge of patents and 50 employees handling technologies only, etc.

R-Techno presentation
The system of innovation and technological intelligence is the competitiveness pledge of an enterprise and economy.