Internet intelligence

Internet intelligence is a systematic collection and monitoring of the information on the Internet. The Internet intelligence implies:
  • monitoring of the competitors’ websites;
  • blogs and message boards monitoring;
  • corporate image monitoring and correction;
  • monitoring of any web leaks of the company’s critical information;
  • staff monitoring, etc.

Invisible web

“Invisible web”, “hidden web” or sometimes “deep web” usually defines the web pages, which are not indexed by the web crawlers for one reason or another. Consequently, if you look for something with your favorite search engine, you will not be able to find any pages, which are not indexed by this search engine.

Such pages include:
  • pages generated on request;
  • database contents;
  • catalogs, etc.

Such pages in the “invisible web” contain:
  • databases of companies and individuals;
  • industries databases;
  • reputation databases (black and white lists);
  • criminal databases;
  • databases of products and services;
  • product catalogs, etc.

All of the above is a rich well for the competitor intelligence experts!