Knowledge Management

Knowledge management is systematic processes, thanks to which knowledge required for the success of an organization is recognized, created, kept, distributed and applied.

Today, we have found a universal solution, ensuring access to the information as part of the knowledge management system, which is corporate information portals (CIP).

Corporate knowledge portals are usually the uniform means of access to the corporate information, allowing the employees to interact with one another, bind information to the collective understanding, system of values and experience.

Useful properties of a portal:
  • by means of the portal information is available 24/7;
  • the portal allows you to clearly systematize the content (i.e. this knowledge!) and provide efficient means of navigation for the users;
  • the portal allows you to provide means of the content management for different groups of employees – knowledge sources;
  • the portal may provide efficient search opportunities, whereas most modern search methods include the means of intellectual search and visual models;
  • the portal allows you to easily convey the required information to all the employees by means of personal pages, news channels or news boards;
  • the portal encourages the intra-corporate information exchange with the help of different conferences and forums and allows you to provide other web services without heavy spending for work both in and out of the company (with the clients and partners);
  • the knowledge portal should have all the properties of a common portal, such as: personalization for the end users; organization of a client place; distribution of resources; keeping track of the work performance; active access to the information from a variety of heterogeneous sources, etc.;
  • the portal may include the database of portal objects, database of documents, web client, a subsystem of integration with the external applications (as the knowledge portal is placed on the Intranet, then the external applications for it will be internal automated systems of the company.

R-Techno has:
  • огрvast experience in building the corporate information portals;
  • experience in building the industry and corporate WIKIs.