Corporative investigations

No one ever thinks that “your own” people may deceive you or steal from you. But unfortunately, such things occur frighteningly often. Many experts do not perceive the company, in which they work, as their own part. And this is a reason for many problems. Some employees dream of causing damage to the organization as a result of insults they received earlier or just because they are dissatisfied with the current state of affairs. Here is the second possible reason. The corporate fraud is a dangerous and hard-to-predict thing. An employee, who has certain powers, has the knowledge constituting the business secret may cause considerable damage to the organization if he or she uses these “arms” for his/her or someone else’s selfish purposes. In order to avoid such things, R-Techno will help in:
  • investigation of the company’s asset stripping;
  • search for the company’s assets in Russia and other countries;
  • collection of proofs, development of the strategy for interaction with the law enforcement agencies and courts;
  • investigation of the corporate accounting falsification;
  • investigation of the confidential information disclosures.