Computer IT-forensic

The computer crime becomes more widely spread. Every year, the information retrieval technologies are improved. There are new harmful programs, viruses, technical devices, etc. Most attacks and attempts to steal the information go unnoticed by majority of people till after they take place. Hacker attacks on the websites became a popular service among the unfair market players long ago, which is no wonder, as by arranging a DDOS attack on the competitor’s website, a perpetrator may switch off the company’s website let alone carelessness of many employees, who are ready to open any website on the Internet.
It all may result into the total paralysis of the company!

Thus, if you:
  • found out that information on your website is modified;
  • found out that information in the corporate database is modified;
  • cannot open your own website due to its inaccessibility;
  • suspect that your information is intercepted;
  • noticed a drastic growth in appearance of the harmful programs in the corporate system, etc.
We recommend you to come to the specialists immediately!