Due diligence

Due Diligence is a procedure for forming the fair presentation on the investment object, including the risk assessment, independent assessment of the investment object and many other factors. First of all, the Due Diligence is aimed at the integrated thorough check of legality and commercial appeal of the planned transaction or investment project, although the completeness of the information provided in case of this type of a check is also essential, which allows the investors or business partners to assess all the advantages and disadvantages of cooperation deeper.

The special nature of the business performed by R-Techno Business Intelligence Agency allows looking into the company to the deepest possible extent while performing the Due Diligence procedure. This obvious competitive advantage gives information, which is contained in the repots, the highest reliability and objectivity. In many cases, the reason for the future crises or failures of the company may be identified, by having examined the history of development and generation, relations inside the collective and between the owners, opinion of the clients and suppliers, etc.