Information conflicts

We associate information conflicts with the smear campaigns arranged by some forces, the purpose of which is to cause maximum damage to the business reputation of a company or to defame the good name of a citizen and a businessman. It is typical of such conflicts to make it very difficult for the victim to get rid of “the information filth” and prove otherwise. But whatever “the information killers” pursued has already been achieved.

In case of an information conflict, Antago Strategy experts are ready:
  • to identify the hidden motives (motives) of the information confrontation;
  • to identify the event performers and orchestrators;
  • to create and implement the strategy to prevent further development of the information attack;
  • to collect proofs and further interact with the law enforcement agencies and courts.

Anticrisis PR actions may include:
  • analytical study of a crisis, analysis of the external factors, affecting the company’s reputation, analysis of informational flows affecting the company’s image, and development of the information and other measures to promptly stabilize the current situation;
  • neutralization of the existing negative information realm by highlighting the situation to advantage of the customer;
  • preventive blocks of any negative partisan information against the customer in mass media;
  • minimization of consequences, resulting from the information actions of competitors;
  • counterpropaganda, misinformation, arrangement and holding of “the psychological operations”, creation of newsmakers to advantage of the customer;
  • monitoring and diagnostics of the general situation, organization of measures, which prevent any other crises;
  • reputation recovery after settlement of a conflict or crisis overcoming.

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