"R-Techno" Group of companies has been established by a team of professionals in the field of economic intelligence, with more than 15 years of experience. R-Techno is well known at market under four main trade marks, each brand presents a separate product line:
  • R-Techno – business intelligence and risk minimization;
  • Duemarx – marketing research;
  • Strategy Antago – economic conflicts’ management;
  • it2b – specific media projects on business intelligence and business security.

10 recent years of dynamic development of "R-Techno" Group have been marked with a number of successes, however the main one is our input into the development of business intelligence market itself:
  • organization of advanced professional programs;
  • establishment of specialized site for interactive experience sharing;
  • professional business publications;
  • establishing international business relations;
  • new information products introduction to market, etc.

For this purpose "R-Techno" renders complete range of services, starting from risk and threat identification at "startup" phase of business project up to crisis settlement within large scale international corporations.
Core activities:
  • threat identification from partners and employees;
  • establishing competitive intelligence service;
  • borrower financial solvency;
  • financial investigations;
  • search for real thefts and frauds;
  • computer incidents investigations;
  • market research;
  • corporative conflicts settlement.