Roman Vladimirovich Romachev

General Director of R-Techno

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Yelena Yurievna Rogacheva

General director of Duemarx

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Igor Yurievich Nezhdanov

Deputy General Director of R-Techno

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Dmitry Vladimirovich Soloschenko

Director of R-Techno Northern Caucuses

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Events Reports

  1. Non friendly acquisition under the law and against it.. IA Advisers
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  3. Conference summary "Criation of system of corporative security..." Охрана.ru
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  1. Encyclopedia of business intelligence and counter-intelligence

    Authors and compilers : R. Romachev, F. Merculov, 432 pages

    Publisher note:

    Modern market marked with high risk level, tough competition and rapidly changing business trends. To survive and to operate successfully one has to react fast and predict actions few steps in advance. There is only one real supporter in this case – the most expensive product in the World – Information.
    Ability to get necessary data in time, providing its security – is a master of art. But as any kind of art it has its own principles, its own theory and practice, If you have all skills mentioned above you can be trained to defend easy and effectively, skilled and in time to attack and strike aside “enemy” in the complicated business combat.
    In this encyclopedia you will find unique methodic and tools used to provide security in the current world.

    To order the book

  2. Ромачев и НеждановCompetitive intelligence. Practical course

    Authors: R. Romach , I. Nezhdanov, 272 pages

    Publisher note:

    This book exposes main directions of competitive intelligence actions, problems in this field and ways of their settlement. Special attention has been paid to modern information analysis technologies.
    This edition is designed for business intelligence professionals, officers of security services of enterprises and private detective agencies as well as wide circle of specialists, related to the issues of information collection and processing.

    To order the book

  3. НеждановAnalytic intelligence for business

    Author: I. Nezhdanov, 336 pages.

    Publisher note:

    Business in Russia has turned over another page of its development. Rough confrontation in competitive fighting was replaced with more civilized methods of obtaining competitive advantages - Business intelligence and its derivation – analytical intelligence in particular. The present book is devoted to organization and conducting analytical intelligence in modern business environment. It teaches how to convert large volumes of information into knowledge, required for strategic decision making process. This book provides clear guidelines on various aspects of analytical intelligence, as well as methods of information processing and analysis. The book content is presented in the same sequence as information analysis process flows, that gives opportunity to use this edition as a manual to train skills for text information analysis. This book is designed to target professionals engaged in processing large volumes of information: analysts, marketing staff, security service personnel.