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24 December 2010 Business intelligence professional are ready to help banks comply with the anti-laundry law
According to its head - Roman Romachev – it has accumulated enormous experience in verifying the reliability of information about companies and their top persons. In particular, it repeatedly managed to identify the true owners of a business through affiliated links. In its work, the agency uses a variety of different verification methods: through Russian and international blacklists, ban-lists and stop-lists, as well as other databases, which include at least 27,000 files. R-Techno has an international network of offices in Russia, Europe and Latin America, through which banks can learn about foreign assets of their clients in terms of money laundering operations.
24 December 2010 What consultants does the Russian Investigation Committee need?
In the summer of 2010 the head of R-Techno became the first Russian citizen who responded to the address of the International police: assist in the hunt for criminals on the Internet. It took Romachev 4 hours to find in a popular social network - - 8 persons, whose names were in the database of the Interpol, the Financial Police of Kazakhstan and the State Security Committee of Belarus. This story quickly became the news on the media - in the first place because the law enforcement officials did not appreciate the help of the intelligence man.
23 December 2010 The "intelligence 2 business" project updated
The second version of the project has been launched. The new website is powered with the Web 2.0 technologies, which turn the site into an interactive platform for communication among experts in business intelligence.
23 December 2010 R-Techno introduces a unique proprietary educational program "Intelligence Technology for Business" in major Russian companies
Professionals of the intelligence technology agency – R-Techno – are introducing a unique educational program "Intelligence Technology for Business" in major Russian companies. This is a proprietary training course that helps people gain practical skills of economic intelligence. This way, R-Techno makes a significant contribution to the training of professionals who want their businesses to be highly competitive.
20 December 2010 Beware: twitter
Cyber fraud is developing together with IT, says the head of the R-Tehno agency Roman Romachev:"Scamming is easy with microblogs and social networks. All swindlers have to do is to create a web-community , make several trustworthy forecasts and then start manipulations to pump up cheap stocks."
20 December 2010 Cyrillic domain opens to all
At the same time, some experts insist that the Cyrillic domain zone will not be popular among the Internet users, says the general director of the Dumarx marketing agency, Elena Rogacheva.
20 December 2010 Russia enhances criminal tracking system
New technologies, combined with public initiatives, are the two principal aspects which are most actively facilitating effective search operations involving Russia’s law enforcement authorities. Earlier this year, former FSB officer Roman Romachev provided real assistance to Interpol in chasing international criminals - an initiative praised by the international police.
08 November 2010 R-Techno Discovered America. Latin America
Russian R-Techno, a leader in the competitor intelligence market, expands its international partner network. It signed a partnership agreement with Brazilian Socrates, which specializes in business intelligence, staff audits, corporate investigations and risk management.
21 October 2010 Russian and Norwegian business intelligence firms signed partnership agreement
Russian R-Techno, the leader in the competitor intelligence market, expands its international partner network. It has recently signed a partnership agreement with Norwegian Diligentia, which specializes in open source intelligence (OSINT), reputation due diligence, analysis of the sovereign risks and mass media monitoring.