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06 May 2009 Update for it2b.toolbar

Browser of it2b.toolbar has been upgraded.

04 May 2009 Innovative and Technological intelligence
Special purpose lecture has been prepared for Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies Topic: "Innovative and Technological intelligence – as a component of strategy of competitive enterprise."
26 April 2009 New file archives in the system of WebInsight
We added more information archives into the system:
  • Licenses of Rosprirodnadzor;
  • Disqualified medicines;
  • Claims of Rosohrankultura towards Mass media;
  • Mass media re-registering;
  • Mass media cancelled licenses;
  • Files of Rosnedvizhimost;
  • Russian Sea Vessel Register and etc.

20 April 2009 R-Techno has launched new search gear – Webinsight

The main feature of this service – search in the invisible part of internet, i.e. docs of Federal Tax Agency, Federal Service of Law Enforcement, Pension Fund, Federal Anti-Monopoly Agency, Labor Inspection, EMERCOM, Arbitration Court, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Federal Security Agency, as well as docs of similar agencies of CIS countries, including Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Byelorussia. By mid April this search gear has processed 1800 docs, and contained information on 184670 Limited Liability Companies, 23248 – CJSC, 22141 – JSC! Service.

06 April 2009 Express-order system
Dear Partners and Clients we just want to remind you, that to make fast order you can use express system for invoice processing available at – System is designed for applications on Legal entities and includes recent tariff "Counteragent.One-Day".
03 April 2009 New format of report on "Counteragent.One-Day" tariff
Remember, report price for single time application is equal to 1 000 Russian rubles including VAT 18%. For subscribers and advance payment price is 700 RR
18 March 2009 Long awaited testing system Screen 2 Screening is due to be launched

In early April we are launching a new project, that might to be a revolutionary one at market of personnel screening, office investigations and other similar issues. Polygraph (or lie detector) will cease to exist, as far as S2S is based one absolutely new principle of getting responding reaction to a question (this technology based on direct access to inner space of tested person and evaluation of underconsciousness reactions) – that considerably facilitates screening process. For more details see presentation (RUS).

10 March 2009 Identikit of corporative fraud
...Illegal misappropriation of assets is one of the main forms of corporative fraud, as per I. Nezhdanov, leading expert of R-Techno in business intelligence and business security. It constitutes more than 80 % of exposed incidents. Herewith manipulation with cash and checks are equal to the amount of incidents with other assets (tools, supplies, equipment and information).... Read more..
04 March 2009 Special information project to eliminate threats from the companies involved into tax crimes and money laundering
R-Techno Ltd has designed a special tariff to detect and identify "paper" companies or "one day" entities. Necessity of such verification is based on the following facts….
26 February 2009 Sale of "Blog - Army"

Commercial offer on creation of Blog army has been updated. One should remember – combat blog – is a tool to implement strategy on corporative and personal image protection!

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