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20 June 2011 On the lookout for IT-swindlers
The largest number of claims from Internet users is to Internet shops selling car accessories. Many goods can be bought cheaper on-line. Fraudsters who receive payment from unsuspecting customers and then close up shop capitalise on this.  “The Internet is a very convenient space for committing crimes, as it has no boundaries and it is extremely difficult to punish criminals,” says Roman Romachev, the head of the R-Techno intelligence agency.
16 June 2011 Dangerous liaisons. How as by means of the Internet to make the file on each of us
Recent kidnapping of E. Kaspersky’s son has once again reminded: be careful when talking about yourself on the Internet. Criminals have found a guy on information in social network: they know the address of his work and home, where he studies and rests, tentative schedule…
"Due to World Wide Web, it is possible to learn about you everything, since with whom you communicate, and finishing an account number in bank", - Roman Romachev, the president of the business intelligence company, is assured.
27 April 2011 Caught in the Web
A Russian citizen has found Kazakhstan criminals wanted by the financial police – in the social network. But local officials are not sitting idly by. The "K" department of the Criminal Police in Almaty reports that criminals can be found in the World Wide Web even if they are hiding behind an assumed name. According to Roman Romachev, director a Russian online project Business Intelligence Technologies, and CEO of R-Techno Company – who actually helped the financial police to locate two dangerous criminals - the search took him only a couple of hours. 
16 March 2011 Russian Amateur "Web Detective" Interviewed on Successes in Finding Criminals
...The success of Roman Romachev, who found eight individuals in four hours, exceeded all expectations. The Web detective talked to Moskovskiy Komsomolets reporters about his know-how. [Goncharova] Roman, why did you respond to the appeal from the international police force? [Romachev] I decided that it was interesting and that I could be useful because I have been professionally involved in business intelligence on the Net for seven years now...
18 February 2011 Business intelligence in Indonesia

The company "Information and Consulting Agency" is R-Techno’s partner and it’s expanding its activities to support Russian business structures in Indonesia. As of today, the company has helped to realize a number of major investment projects in oil and mining industries in Indonesia, thereby, a professional team gained a reputation as a reliable partner in business and political establishment of the country. Victor Tarusin, the Executive director, said: "… Besides supporting Russian business, the company provides support to Indonesian businessmen in Russia. So in the last six months, there have been several investigations into fraud by Russian "businessmen", who had used such well known brands as Rosneft, Russneft, Transneft, Burgaz, etc. as a cover to their fraudulent schemes. This work helps to minimize risks and promotes enforcement of trust between business structures of different countries. Our plans now to expand the geography of our activity in all ASEAN countries."

09 February 2011 Beware of crime complicity!
Once you accidentally dealt with a phony by-night company, law enforcement or supervisory agencies can keep an eye on you as a criminal complicity! The share of fraudulent transactions in commercial deals in Russia is among the highest in the world! The Central Bank of Russia keeps on withdrawing banking licenses for improper verification of the involvement of banks’ clients in money laundering. The tax authorities have tightened measures to combat the use of by-night companies to minimize the tax base – therefore, dealing with a phony by-night company can paralyze the business.
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06 February 2011 Hole-free browser. Myth or reality?
Author: Arkady Beinenson. Source:
Is it really possible to create a browser that will prevent any leakage of personal information? Our guest (by telephone):
  • Roman Romachev, President of R-Techno Group of Companies;
  • Maxim Emm, head of Audit Department, Informzaschita Company.
Host: Arkady Beinenson
31 January 2011 "Intelligence 2 business" training program for industrial companies
R-Techno Company held yet another training course within the Business Intelligence Technologies program at one of the largest industrial enterprises in Moscow region. Along with the now traditional subjects of the course - OSINT: Efficient Search on the Internet and OSINT: Information Analysis – the participants learned new solutions of innovative approaches for their business. Business intelligence professionals - Igor Nezhdanov and Roman Romachev, head of R-Techno – conducted the course.
19 January 2011 WebInsight subscription
Now every customer can buy the WebInsight file archive with an annual subscription to monthly updates. The bought archive files can be installed in the corporate information system, which in turn will significantly increase (automate) the archive search speed and allow users to search information off-line. As of 19.01.2011, the archive includes 26,780 files.
18 January 2011 Watching on the Net
However, one should be a professional to fish out the needed information from the Web. Not everyone is aware of the search techniques. Therefore, HR managers (and also special services) increasingly turn to virtual investigation professionals for clandestine assistance. Roman Romachev is one of such professionals. He modestly calls his trade the "business intelligence". His key customers are large companies who need to know the ins and outs of their contractors or employees - both current and would-be ones.