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12 November 2012 Phone Rippers

Many companies today are obsessed with IT security while clearly underestimating the risk of confidential corporate data leakage caused by hacking via a regular phone call. Business intelligence professionals refer to this phenomenon as HUMINT - human intelligence. It is company’s own employees who often work as the weakest link in the security system developed by the company. The American social engineering contest is part of Defcon, a large hacker convention held in Las Vegas. The event has a rather civil focus:  IT hackers probe IT security systems for their weak spots, social engineers hack large American corporations by engaging their employees in phone conversations and extracting corporate secrets from them. All of this happens in front of guests, some of whom rank rather high – among them are senior officials from the FBI, NSA, US Department of Defense and Department of Justice. What I think is interesting is that social engineers achieve their goal faster and more efficiently than their IT counterparts, and sometimes even help them out with tips for an efficient computer attack on the target company.

16 July 2012 Financial intelligence officers meet in St. Petersburg
The forum was established to increase the efficiency of the interaction between financial intelligence units of different countries, Roman Romachev, general director of the economic intelligence agency R-Techno, says.
Money laundering usually concerns international transactions, so it necessary to interact with colleagues from other countries. Various organizations, forums of financial intelligence officers exist for this purpose. These organizations approve single standards, which are already being observed by international banks. Also in the West they have black lists of persons suspected of terrorism, and the financial intelligence organizations of different countries constantly exchange this information.
15 June 2012 Last honours: paid six years later
How much safer did the Russian citizens begin to feel themselves abroad with the adoption of this law? We can talk more about the moral influence so far: since 2006 the incidents, similar to the one in Baghdad, were not repeated, notes a business intelligence expert, former employee of the Federal Security Service Roman Romachev. "Naturally, it is a positive decision for us. But until we implement real active measures to eliminate terrorists abroad, nobody will respect us. It is necessary to protect the citizens of one’s country".
09 June 2012 Why does Facebook need children?
...However, Director General of the Duemarx marketing intelligence agency Elena Rogacheva absolutely does not agree. She often conducts master classes in schools on safe Internet usage, and she is sure that behaviour standards in the networks must be instilled from a young age.
“I believe that any attempt to protect children in social networks, including the one that is now suggested by Facebook, must be encouraged and supported. And such a function as control of adding friends on children’s pages is necessary, because most of the children indiscriminately add everybody who comes knocking. Consequently, they can disclose too much unnecessary information about themselves. As for binding children's pages to the pages of their parents, I think that this can do more harm than good. In this way malefactors will be able to figure out and find parents through their children and cause some damage...