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"Intelligence 2 business" training program for industrial companies
31 January 2011

R-Techno Company held yet another training course within the Business Intelligence Technologies program at one of the largest industrial enterprises in Moscow region. Along with the now traditional subjects of the course - OSINT: Efficient Search on the Internet and OSINT: Information Analysis – the participants learned new solutions of innovative approaches for their business. Business intelligence professionals - Igor Nezhdanov and Roman Romachev, head of R-Techno – conducted the course.

In his training TECHINT: Innovation and Technological Intelligence System, the head of the Russian business intelligence bureau R-Techno spoke directly about the actual features of the company, which helped the company solve the manufacture upgrading issues, develop innovative solutions and monitor the competitive environment.

The agenda of Roman Romachev’s report included: competitive intelligence at exhibitions, technological intelligence on the Internet, corporate portals and knowledge management systems, intelligence for individuals and "expert networks", countering industrial espionage.

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