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24 February 2009 Global Financial Crisis – time to be united!

At economic security market appeared a new alliance of Russian company R-Techno and Lithuanian company "BVS Info". The latter is well known to Baltic business as a professional risk preventing Team.

20 February 2009 The fifth anniversary of Business intelligence Forum
Our company with a group of colleagues celebrated the fifth anniversary of Business Intelligence Forum (
18 February 2009 Anti-crisis program on decreasing fraud threat and insolvency of clients

Till May 1 2009 R-Techno is offering anti-crisis program on decreasing fraud threat and insolvency of clients!
Only for 30 000 Rubles you can verify 5 clients.

“Anti-crisis” tariff provides insight on general condition of the company, presence of massive applicants, criminal elements among top management staff., on-going legal cases, outstanding debts to business partners....

13 February 2009 R-Techno in Switzerland
Michael Alkalay (Director of AySEC Services Ltd.) has been appointed as the representative of R-Techno in Switzerland.
10 February 2009 Presentation "What is the business of companies providing competitive intelligence services at outsourcing basis?"
Yeugeniy Yuschuk issued a presentation based on real cases from R-Techno experience.
25 minutes. File 24 Mb.
10 February 2009 Appointment
Victor Ivanovich Tarusin has been appointed as R-Techno deputy general director on international projects.
04 February 2009 R-Techno is a reliable partner!
“Interfax – AKI” agency increased credit rating of R-Techno company, keeping common assessment as “Company capable in time and in full to meet its obligation"
04 February 2009 Duemarx – the best innovative product of 2008!
Duemarx activities could not be left unattended by Security market players and due to positive responses of the clients and market participants, it was nominated in in the industry competition for the award “Appreciation of Security market 2008.” Among other serious participants the jury selected Duemarx as the winner in nomination “The best innovative product of the year.
29 January 2009 Research on mobile content market. Analytic report on Russian market (VAS) in 2008

Duemarx Company has completed marketing research of Russian VAS market (mobile content) 2008.

28 January 2009 R-Techno Company - has completed development of "it2b.bloginformer 3100+" system
"it2b.bloginformer 3100+" - automatic system of posts placement in blogs. Field of application:
  • Combat blogging, information wars;
  • Company services promoting;
  • PR;
  • SEO.

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